Diving The Sea Tiger Honolulu Hawaii – vlog 278

Great day of scuba diving in Honolulu Hawaii. Today’s dive was over at the Sea Tiger shipwreck. Located about 1 mile off coast on the South side of Oahu Hawaii. 100′ down but lots to see today including white tip reef sharks!
See the pics from the horseshoe reef dive here – https://ift.tt/2IlBCDd
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Sea Tiger Shipwreck Honolulu Hawaii – vlog 270

Honolulu’s premier shipwreck Sea Tiger
This 189 foot Hawaii shipwreck rests in 123 feet of water, it is the deepest recreational scuba diving shipwreck in Honolulu, Hawaii. This Hawaii shipwreck offers penetration through its cargo holds, inner cabins, engine room, narrow passageways, and stairwells of the ship. It was an awesome day for diving on the Sea Tiger shipwreck in Honolulu Hawaii. https://ift.tt/2M4llp4
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Scuba Diving in Honolulu – vlog 269

Discover Hawaii Scuba Diving:

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